We are happy to introduce the speakers that will share with us their research and experience in the field of dental fear and anxiety at the Webinars 2022. You can view the full list of lectures HERE.

Mike Gow

Mike has had a passion for helping people who have dental anxiety and phobia for many years and has become well known in this field among the dental profession. He has helped hundreds of very anxious patients, and lectures to dentists all over the world to teach them new ways to help their anxious patients as well. Mike graduated from Glasgow University’s Dental School in 1999 and undertook formal hypnosis training with The British Society of Medical and Dental Hypnosis soon after. In 2003 he trained in the conscious sedation techniques of intravenous and inhalation sedation with The Society for the Advancement of Anesthesiology in Dentistry.  By 2005, he had graduated with a Masters in Hypnosis Applied to Dentistry from University College London having been awarded a ‘distinction’ for the Diploma and then completed a Postgraduate Certificate in the Management of Dental Anxiety from the University of Edinburgh.

Mike is a Past President (2008-10, 2014-16) of “The British Society of Medical and Dental Hypnosis (Scotland)” and has gained the European Certificate of Hypnosis. He has published many articles, case studies and book chapters on hypnosis and dental anxiety management and has appeared on TV several times (including BBC’s Horizon) demonstrating the use of hypnosis in dental pain control. Mike has won several ‘Dental Awards’ including ‘Best treatment of anxious patients’, ‘Dentist of the year’, and ‘Outstanding achievement’.

Gunnar Oland Åsen

Cand. Psychol at Uio 1989.
Family therapist 1995
Specialist in clinical child- and youth psychology 1996.
Reg. supervisor NPF, (Community psychology) 2004.

Anne Kristine Bergem

Anne Kristine Bergem is an MD and a clinical psychiatrist. She is educated in violence risk assessment and management, is a group therapist and Executive Master of Management. She has clinical and management experience from mental health care and has been an advisor for the National Council of Mental Health in Norway. She holds board positions for the Modum Bad Foundation, the PsykOpp Foundation, the NGO Home-Start locally in Asker and Nordic Marcé, a part of The International Marcé Society. She currently has her main position as advisor at the Centre for next-of-kin and carers and hold positions as special advisor at the Norwegian Psychiatric Association and as Associate Professor II at Oslo Metropolitan University.
She has currently contributed to the book “Textbooks in Contemporary Dentistry. Oral Health Psychology: Psychological Aspects Related to Dentistry”
with a chapter called “People with mental disorders in the dental clinic”.

Bent Storå

Bent Storå is a psychologist with a specialization in clinical psychology, and a PhD in psychology, on systematic observations of family interactions. The clinical interest focuses on the treatment of emotional trauma and anxiety.

Mariann Hauge

Mariann Saanum Hauge has, for close to two decades, run a private dental practice with a particular focus towards patients with dental anxiety. Through countless patient meetings she has developed an increasing desire to improve the quality of care for this patient group. This desire motivated her to do research on treatment methods for dental anxiety. Through an important research project carried out in general dental practice, she recently demonstrated that a dentist can be capable of inducing large changes in patients’ dental anxiety, both in a short and a long-time perspective. She believes, based on her clinical experience as well as the research findings, that general dental practitioners should take a more active role in the treatment of dental anxiety.

Mariann graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry in Oslo in 2004. She was accepted part-time as a Ph.D.-candidate at the same faculty in 2016 and is to complete her doctorate in the treatment of adults with dental anxiety in 2022.

Therese Kvist

Therese Kvist, DDS/PhD, specialist in pediatric dentistry has a current position as lecturer in pediatric dentistry at the Department of Dental Medicine, Division of Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry at Karolinska Institutet Stockholm and at The child protection team Karolinska University, Astrid Lindgrens Childrens hospital. The main subject of research is child abuse and neglect and its consequences on health as well as forensic medical/dental examinations.

Anne Rønneberg

Anne Rønneberg graduated as Dentist, later specialist in Paediatric Dentistry and dr.philos from the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Oslo (UiO).
She is working as associated professor and Clinical Director at the Clinic for Child Oral Health Care, Institute of Clinical Dentistry, UiO. Her research interest is related to barriers and facilitators safeguarding children in dental care, with special focus on the best interest of the child.


Robert Schibbye

Robert Schibbye is a clinical psychologist who has been working and conducting research within the field of dentistry for over 6 years. He has worked clinically with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) treatments for both adult and child patients at different specialist clinics in Stockholm. He is currently conducting research, primarily on Internet-based cognitive behavioral therapy (ICBT) for dental phobia in children and working as a lecturer for the undergraduate program in dentistry at Karolinska Institutet.

Magnus Hakeberg

Magnus Hakeberg is professor of dental public health and senior consultant in oral medicine as well as a specialist in endodontology. He holds a position at the Department of Behavioral and Community Dentistry, Institute of Odontology, Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Magnus has, besides epidemiological research on dental public health, mainly focused his research and clinical work on dental anxiety/phobia among adults. He has been active in this area of clinical research for more than 35 years and has been using both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies.

Tiril Willumsen

She has a dr.odont degree in treatment of dental anxiety from 1999 and has supervised several phd students. Most of her research concerns dental anxiety, both treatment and epidemiology. In several papers, the impact of sexual abuse on dental treatment and recently challenges for torture survivors in the dental treatment situations have been addressed. After being in charge of behavior science education for dental students and giving postgraduate courses for dental personal, the idea of a textbook in Oral health psychology emerged. I collaboration with a number of experts in the field, the book “Odontologisk psykologi” was published in 2018 in Norwegian. An extended and revised international version “Oral health psychology -Understanding Behaviour to Improve Oral Health and Reduce Dental Fear» will be published autumn 2022.

Kristofer Andersson

Kristofer Andersson, DDS, PhD, is a specialist in pediatric dentistry. He currently works at the Department of Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry at Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden. His areas of special interest are genetics and oral health in rare diseases, tooth developmental disturbances and sedation. He has 12 years clinical experience of sedation in dental care