You can choose between:

Individual Membership and Group Membership

All memberships prices is one year access to Dental trauma guide from purchase date, and will automatically be renewed.

We recommend that you opt for a Group Membership if:

  • You have many users that need to be given access to the NEW Dental Trauma Guide under the
    same subscription. All subscriptions are managed by one administrator.

Note: Ask for group memberships prices.

We recommend that you opt for an Individual Membership if:

  • You need subscription access, for between 1-9 user to the Dental Trauma Guide.
  • You can share login for all users.
  • If you need immediate access to the Dental Trauma Guide. (A Group Membership takes several days to be fully registered.)

Individual (1-9 users) membership

  • Individual memberships grant access to the content for a year.

Group (10+) membership

Contact for price

  • Organisation license grants access to an organisation and its members