Traumatic dental injuries to permanent teeth

Access the International Association of Dental Traumatology (IADT) guidelines for treatment of traumatic dental injuries HERE.

Or use the Dental Trauma Guide to become fully updated on treatment and prognosis while your patient is waiting in the chair.

Correct treatment and follow-up may be crucial for the survival of the tooth. The risk of serious long-term complications such as ankylosis related resorption or infection related resorption is high in teeth with intrusion and avulsion injuries.

With DTG membership you get access to detailed animated treatment instructions for all traumatic dental injuries in the permanent and primary dentition. Use the dental trauma pathfinder to ensure correct diagnosis of all fractures and luxation injuries and get access to evidence based prognosis estimates, based on more than 4000 patient cases with long term follow-up.

The Dental Trauma Guide covers

Luxation injuries:

Fracture injuries: