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General information about cookies

Cookies are used by the majority of websites.

A cookie is a small text file that websites store on the user’s computer, mobile or other device, so they can recognize and gather information about which pages and functions are visited with the device.

Cookies are sent back and forth between the browser and a web server and among other things enables us to track anonymously record of what actions users make on the site, which we can then use to make improvements on the website.

A cookie is a passive file that cannot spread computer viruses or other malicious programs.

Cookies contain only anonymous information.

Cookies are often essential to ensure optimal functionality of the website as many functions and services cannot be provided without the use of cookies.

Cookies on this website

We use cookies on for various purposes related to functionality, web analysis and marketing.

Most cookies we use to gather statistics about your visit so we can learn how to improve the user experience on our website.

All data we get about you will remain anonymous as cookies cannot be used to identify users.


Cookies can be either first-party cookies or third-party cookies. First-party cookies are allocated by the page the user visits. Third-party cookies are allocated by a third party that has elements embedded in the page the user is visiting. use third party cookies from Google Analytics to generate statistics on the use of the website.

Cookies are usually deleted automatically from the browser when it is closed (so-called session cookies). Cookies can also be set with an expiration date, so that data exists in a shorter or longer period (persistent cookies). Persistent cookies are typically stored on your hard disk.

Deletion or blocking of cookies

We hope that visitors of  will be happy to allow the cookies we set, as they help us improve our website, provide the best services and give the user a better experience.

However, because cookies are in the possession of the user, it is always possible for the user to view, modify or delete these cookies. Be aware that without cookies, you may not be able to use all features on the site.

If you do not wish to use cookies from, you can – in most of the newer browsers – select “advanced cookie settings” under “internet options” and add to the list of websites from which you wish to block cookies.

There you can also delete individual cookies or all the cookies the browser has stored.

If you set your browser to refuse cookies in general, please understand that there is a side effect that by declining cookies you will also not allow some functionality on our website and it may not work correctly.

Further information

You have a right to be informed about the data that has stored about you.

You can also free of charge request that incorrect data about you be corrected or that ceases to process data about you.

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