Copenhagen Webinars 2022 | Dental fear and anxiety – from child to adult
November 1-22, 2022

Dental fear and anxiety are very common and associated with impaired oral health and non-attendance. Often initiated in childhood, it remains a problem throughout life for many patients. Dental treatment can be very stressful for the anxious patient and therefore also a challenge for the dentist.

Over the last decade there has been extensive development in research on how to prevent and manage dental fear and anxiety. In this year’s webinars you will meet  international leading experts who will share their knowledge and clinical experience on this important topic. Join us online in November 2022 to get updated on latest research and gain useful tools, so you can meet and treat anxious patients – both children and adults – with success.

The webinars are tailored so you can learn about dental fear and anxiety in adults or children. Discounts apply if you purchase access to both webinars.