Frequently asked questions about the Dental Trauma Guide webinar 2020:


  • I have not received my login to the webinar I bought. Where can I find it ?
    We have sent you an e-mail with personal access.
  • I cannot find the e-mail with my personal login?
    Please check your spam folder, our mail is sent from
  • I cannot find the mail in my inbox or spam folder – what to do?
    Please contact us.
  • I have typed the wrong password, what to do?
    Please try the ‘Lost password?’ button under the login form.

Video/audio options

  • How can I see the video in fullscreen?
    In bottom right corner there is a button that activate fullscreen.
  • The video is lagging, what to do?
    Try adjusting the playback resolution setting in the bottom right corner of the video. Supports 224p-1080p.
  • Can I adjust the playback speed?
    Yes, you can choose playback speed on the settings cog in the bottom right corner and play it slower or faster.
  • Can I adjust the audio level?
    Yes, the audio level can be adjusted on the microphone icon in the bottom right corner.

Questions and comments

  • I have submitted a question, but it does not appear?
    The questions have to be approved first. Please allow us 12-24 hours before the questions appear, this is to prevent spam.
  • There is no response to my question?
    Please allow some time to do so, since each each speaker have to answer the questions for their lectures.
  • It seems that someone else has asked the same thing, but there is no answer. Should I ask again?
    No, the speakers will answer all questions in due time.