Would you like to participate in Webinars 2021?

We have felt obliged to convert this year’s on-site Dental Trauma Guide Symposia 2021 into virtual webinars.

The ongoing COVID-19 situation is still in full vigor, despite global efforts. The recent rise in Delta-variant cases makes the Symposia 2021 in Copenhagen either impossible or difficult, and as a result will pose substantial health risks for both our international speakers as well as participants. The safety of our speakers and participants is paramount and our first priority – hence the conversion.

We hope that you are interested in participating in Webinars 2021. The subjects remain the same:

  • Tooth Agenesis
  • Dental Trauma state of the art

The price of the webinars is US$ 300 for one and US$ 500 for both – find more HERE.

The difference in price will be refunded to your bank account. Alternatively we can save it on your DTG account.