The Dental Trauma Guide is the world’s leading web-based tool in dental traumatology. The Dental Trauma Guide offers evidence-based treatment guidelines for primary and permanent teeth. The website is developed and managed in close cooperation with the University Hospital of Copenhagen, Denmark, and with the International Association of Dental Traumatology (IADT).  The Dental Trauma Guide operates as a non-profit entity. The subscription fees cover daily operations plus the ongoing development of this website.

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  • Access to various animation based treatment procedures. In less than 90 seconds you will be fully updated
  • Individual prognosis determination for various treatment options for all injury types with a print-out service plus patient instructions
  • Newsletter service with abstracts of recent dental trauma studies from the world literature

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Use the free guidelines instead

If you do not want to enter into a one-year subscription for the Dental Trauma Guide, you may make use of IADT’s free, verbal dental trauma guidelines here.

According to the IADT, their guidelines were first published in 2001 and updated in 2007.  As with their previous guidelines, the professionals behind these guidelines are experienced investigators and clinicians from various dental specialities and general practice.  Learn more at