IADT treatment guidelines for subluxation


Clinical findings

  • The tooth has increased mobility, but it has not been displaced.
  • Bleeding from gingival crevice may be noted.

Radiographic findings

  • Radiographic abnormalities are usually not found. Normal periodontal space. An occlusal exposure is recommended in order to screen for possible signs of displacement or the presence of a root fracture. Furthermore, the radiograph can be used as a reference point in case of future complications.


  • No treatment is needed. Observation. Brushing with a soft brush and use of chlorhexidine 0.12% alcohol-free topically to the affected area with cotton swabs twice a day for one week.


  • 1 week – Clinical examination.
  • 6-8 weeks -Clinical examination.

Crown discoloration might occur. No treatment is needed unless a fistula develops. Dark discolored teeth should be followed carefully to detect signs of infection as soon as possible.