IADT treatment guidelines for extrusion


Clinical findings

  • Partial displacement of the tooth out of its socket.
  • The tooth appears elongated and can be excessively mobile.

Radiographic findings

  • Increased periodontal ligament space apically.


  • Treatment decisions are based on the degree of displacement, mobility, root formation and the ability of the child to cope with the emergency situation.
  • For minor extrusion (< 3mm) in an immature developing tooth, careful repositioning or leaving the tooth for spontaneous alignment can be treatment options.
  • Extraction is the treatment of choice for severe extrusion in a fully formed primary tooth.


  • 1 week – Clinical examination.
  • 6-8 weeks – Clinical and radiographic examination.
  • 6 months – Clinical and radiographic examination.
  • 1 year – Clinical and radiographic examination.

Discoloration might occur. Dark discolored teeth should be followed carefully to detect signs of infection as soon as possible.