IADT treatment guidelines for alveolar fracture


Clinical findings

  • The fracture involves the alveolar bone and may extend to the adjacent bone.
  • Segment mobility and dislocation are common findings.
  • Occlusal interference is often noted.

Radiographic findings

  • The horizontal fracture line to the apices of the primary teeth and their permanent successors will be disclosed.
  • A lateral radiograph may also give information about the relation between the two dentitions and if the segment is displaced in labial direction


  • Reposition any displaced segment and then splint.
  • General anesthesia is often indicated.
  • Stabilize the segment for 4 weeks.
  • Monitor teeth in fracture line


  • 1 week – Clinical examination.
  • 3-4 weeks – Splint removal, clinical and radiographic examination.
  • 6-8 weeks – Clinical and radiographic examination.
  • 1 year – Clinical and radiographic examination, clinical and radiographic monitoring until eruption of the permanent successor each subsequent year until exfoliation.