IADT treatment guidelines for extrusion


Clinical findings

  • The tooth appears elongated and is excessively mobile.
  • Sensibility tests will likely give negative results.

Radiographic findings

  • Increased periodontal ligament space apically.


  • Reposition the tooth by gently reinserting It into the tooth socket.
  • Stabilize the tooth for 2 weeks using a flexible splint.
  • In mature teeth where pulp necrosis is anticipated, or if several signs and symptoms indicate that the pulp of mature or immature teeth is becoming necrotic, root canal treatment is indicated.


  • 2 weeks – Splint removal, clinical and radiographic examination.
  • 4 weeks – Clinical and radiographic examination.
  • 6-8 weeks – Clinical and radiographic examination.
  • 6 months – Clinical and radiographic examination.
  • 1 year – Clinical and radiographic examination yearly.
  • 5 years –  Clinical and radiographic examination.