How to use the dental trauma guide


For practitioners inexperienced in handling dental trauma patients we recommend that they read the section “Examination of a traumatized patient”.

In order to gain help on reaching the correct diagnosis for a patient we are planning to implement a trauma pathfinder that will help you reach the correct diagnosis on the basis of yes/no questions. This feature is however not fully implemented yet.

Currently we suggest that you use the description and the diagnosis page for the individual trauma entities to identify the diagnosis.

The description page includes illustrations showing the nature of the injuries and the diagnosis page contains the characteristics of the injury as a response to testing.

Experienced practitioners and specialists

An experienced practitioner will typically have identified the diagnosis before logging on to the Dental Trauma Guide. In this case the treatment advice and prognosis page for the given injury can be accessed directly through the left side panel.

Dental Trauma Guide 2010 - produced in cooperation with the Resource Centre for Rare Oral Diseases and Department of Oral and Maxillo-Facial Surgery
at the University Hospital of Copenhagen - Last edited the 07-01-2014.