Subluxation - Diagnostic signs

Description An injury to the tooth supporting structures resulting in increased mobility and pain to percussion but without displacement of the tooth. Bleeding from the gingival sulcus is evident if the child is seen shortly after the accident.

The diagnostic signs of subluxation are transient. It is therefore not possible to diagnose subluxation if the examination is done several days after injury.
Visual signs Not displaced.
Percussion test Tender to touch or tapping.
Mobility test Increased mobility.
Pulp sensibility test Not reliable in primary teeth. Inconsistent results.
Radiographic findings Normal periodontal space
Radiographs recommended An occlusal exposure is recommended in order to screen for possible signs of displacement or the presence of a root fracture. The radiograph can furthermore be used as a reference point in case of future complications.

Dental Trauma Guide 2010 - produced in cooperation with the Resource Centre for Rare Oral Diseases and Department of Oral and Maxillo-Facial Surgery
at the University Hospital of Copenhagen - Last edited the 07-01-2014.