Jaw fracture - diagnostic signs

Description A fracture involving the base of the maxilla or mandible and often the alveolar process. The fracture may or may not involve the alveolar socket.
Visual signs Usually displacement between two alveolar segments within the dental arch.
Percussion test Tender.
Mobility test Usually mobility in the fracture line.
Sensibility test May be positive or negative.
Radiographic findings The vertical line of the fracture line may run along the PDL or in the septum.
Radiographs recommended Periapical and panoramic exposure. Supplementary exposures are necessary according to fracture location. A cone beam exposure may be of value.

Dental Trauma Guide 2010 - produced in cooperation with the Resource Centre for Rare Oral Diseases and Department of Oral and Maxillo-Facial Surgery
at the University Hospital of Copenhagen - Last edited the 07-01-2014.